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    Wizard Wand™️ (Can Launch Fireballs)

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    Wizard Wand™️ (Can Launch Fireballs)

    Simply Magical ✨

    Want those magical vibes?

    Become the wizard or witch you’ve always wanted to be with the Magic Wand. It shoots out magical fireballs at your command. Just load the wand with the flash paper, and yell “Incendio” as you cast your spell.

    The Magical wand lets you live out your wizarding fantasies. It’s perfect for cosplaying and having fun. Start your wizarding journey today!

    Just don’t burn your house



    How to use?

    *Store wand and flash paper in a dry area beforehand*

    1. Charge Wand

    2. Rip a small piece off the flash paper and insert it into the wand opening

    3. Aim the wand and hit the button at the wand handle

    4. Yell “INCENDIO!” as you cast your spell

    Whats Included?

    1x wand

    1x USB charging cable

    1x Spell Sheet

    1x Flash Paper (suitable for 180 uses)

    1x Gaff

    1x Standby Battery




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