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    The Blendie #1 Rated Portable Blender

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    Eating healthy is the biggest challenge of modern life. The Blendie will help you make your healthy snacks easily – everywhere.
    Attractive design, easy to use, modern and compact. Keep the vitamins high with the innovation … Blendie It.
    Blend everything faster and enjoy your healthy snack.


    Introducing The Blendie™, the ultimate portable blender solution that lets you bring your shakes on the go. 

    • SLIM & SLEEK DESIGN- Compact and aesthetic design makes it easy to carry around
    • BUILT IN BATTERY - Enjoy up to 15 blends on a single charge
    • SILENT BLADE TECHNOLOGY - Our blender offers you a silent solution for when it comes to your blending needs
    • FROZEN FRUIT COMPATIBLE - The ability to blend frozen fruits so you can create a fresh cold smoothie
    • DURABLE & DROP PROOF Made with BPA free plastic, we offer an aesthetic look without sacrificing durability
    How to use

    Healthy snack
    on the go

    • 1: Add your healthy stuff.
    • 2: Pour in your juice, water or milk
    • 3: Push the button twice.
    • 4: Enjoy your healthy snack

    Blend the perfect smoothie in ten seconds at work

    Waterproof and Self-cleaning

    The fully waterproof body makes cleanup a breeze, just put some soap and warm water inside the jar and let it run until everything comes out smooth!

    Sold out 5 times in the first 3 months, The Blendie is quickly becoming a favorite among health-conscious consumers. So don't wait any longer, order your Fresh Juice Blender today!



    • How long does shipping take?

    *Due to an expected surge in demand, the Blendie is currently on backorder and will not be able to ship for 3-7 days. Please allow for some time to process if you plan on placing an order.

    -Standard Tracked: 7-15 Business Days

    -Priority Insured Shipping: 7-12 Business Days

    • How long does it take to charge?

    Thanks to the Blendie wireless fast charger it takes only 2 hours to completely charge your Blendie

    • How many blends can I do when fully charged?

    On a full battery you can blend between 8-12 times. 
    This depends on what you blend. 
    Blending your favorite protein shake takes less power then blending fruit en vegetables.

    • Can I put the bottle in the fridge ?

    Yes you can put your bottle in the door of the fridge.
    Make sure that you don’t put your Blendie against the back of the fridge

    • Do i have warranty ?

    Yes, as a consumer you have 24 months of warranty. 
    Be sure to keep your receipt

    • Can I blend frozen fruits ?

    Yes, with Blendie you can blend frozen fruits. 
    You do have to be aware that you can do less blends on a full battery because of the hardness

      The Blendie #1 Rated Portable Blender