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    Magic Tesla Electro Speaker

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    This Magic Tesla speaker is the most desired thing for any kind of hangouts and raves. It's specially designed to survive your boring party! We made it for music lovers, Djs and common people who want their home to hit different. Combine your favorite music with some science visuals to feel what the real party is.



    • Magic Coil: Put everything on the coil like: shrimp, veggies, paper, soft toys, etc. To make the lightning hit differently and add some crazy vibe to your party. 
    • New audio experience. Magic Tesla Speaker has circuit protection design, it's damage-free for the input device, high quality electric frequencies make music sound in better quality than normal arc plasma loudspeakers. Keep in mind that the Speaker sounds in a techno / electric way, as on the video. 
    • We are not selling common speakers like beats, marshall, which can be bought literally everywhere nowadays. Our mission is to bring new meta into the music industry and spread a brand new soundings all around the globe
    • Some science included. Our speaker is also designed to do various scientific experiments, such as wireless power transmission, wireless lighting, insulator withstand voltage test, sewage treatment, teachers use it to demonstrate the principle of voltage boosting to students, high-frequency skin effect, etc. Or you can just chill and stare at the lightning coil ;)
    • Completely safe for use. Be worry-free touching the coil it won't cause any damage to human body, it even provides some nice tactile feelings, it seems to be tickling and massaging your hands while touching. It also has fire prevention system so your house won't be in a danger

    • Affordable for everyone. Comparing to another speakers, oh stop.. why would we even compare it to others! Our speaker is gucci: inspired by tech, music and science, designed by cyberpunk neon style. This one is gonna leave a lasting impression on your friends, guests, comrades, etc.

    Specifications (Some least readable info) :


    • Power voltage: 110-240vac 50 / 60Hz
    • Power: 0-120w
    • Lightning length: 8-19cm (adjustable by knob)
    • Host size: 186 * 106 * 58mm
    • Package weight: 950g
    • Package size: 21x15x13cm

    Wow! you got so far, literally no one read that much of useless info, it seems you really like our product, so we want to thank for your attention with 5% OFF promo-code "TESLA5", you may put it on checkout.

    Special deal for true music enthusiasts:

    As being a young and promising startup, we'd like to offer you a special deal to make sure you get the highest level of satisfaction using our Tesla Speaker. It's well known fact, that stereo sounding provides the best experience for human brain. Modern clubs, concert halls and karaoke are equipped with dozens of speakers all around the buildings. We want you to try out the acoustics magic of Tesla Speaker and make your party louder, brighter and better in all senses. We strongly recommend you buying 2 speakers to get the highest satisfaction rate, also speaker is designed to be combined with Plasma Ball, but notice that as long as the ball is on limited sale you can't purchase a ball without having a speaker

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