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    Build a solid & awesome-looking core in a few minutes!

    • Stimulates the Abs and Core from multiple angles and movements - roll, twist, tilt, lean
    • Targets the core while engaging the entire body - abs, legs, glutes, back, shoulders, obliques
    • Improve your stability & balance
    • Burn calories, boost metabolism, and tone your entire body in just minutes a day.

    Get a Full Body Workout in Just a Few Minutes!

    From your arms and shoulders, through your obliques and abs, all the way to your legs and glutes, the 4D BodyFlex Core Trainer enables you to effectively strengthen and tone your whole body by utilizing the most effective core exercises. It grants you the best way to kick-start a quick 30-minute daily workout for your entire body.

    What is 4D Dynamic Core Training?

    People no longer use boring and ineffective static planks. 4D BodyFlex makes maintaining balance more challenging by adding a sense of movement and angles. This stimulates more muscles more effectively - essentially super-charging your core & abs workouts!

    Each 4D Dynamic Core workout improves your balance, stability, and core strength, burns calories, and enhances metabolism.



    Planking with our  4D BodyFlex is practical, fun, and takes only a few minutes -- no gym membership or any complex tools. You can do it anywhere, anytime!


    Enjoy maximum comfort and ease of movement with this core flexing roller. It features a curved, padded handle for secure grip, comfortable hold, and 360-degrees movement control. The padded elbow rests help eliminate pressure on your elbows, shoulders, and wrists while planking. 


    Planking using this roller helps strengthen your abdominal muscles, rhomboids and trapezius, and spine, which naturally results in a strong posture as they grow in strength. This means that you’ll be able to lift more, you’ll lower the risk of skeletal injuries, and your body will put less strain on your bones and joints to prevent the development of diseases like arthritis.


    Our 4D BodyFlex Core Trainer lets you do practical exercises that grant you a strong and healthy back. The 360-degrees workouts don’t just help you inhibit certain types of back pain but promote the health of your back as a whole.


    One of the best benefits of this planking roller is its ability to help you train your muscles to be more stable. Study shows our body can easily stay balanced when the muscles coordinate accordingly. This is important when you’re exercising, biking, running - or during your active fun moments like dancing.


    Don’t worry about your floor getting damaged when using this 4D abs roller. We have carefully coated the wide wheels with premium rubber to ensure easy back and forth motion without making any noise or spoiling your floor.


    Want to bring the core trainer with you for a quick workout while away from home? We’ve got your back! You can easily pack and carry the FitFlex 4D in your workout bag or suitcase to take it wherever you go - whether on a vacation, business trip, office, or camping.

    Technical Specifications

    Size: 16.7”/42.5cm

    Wheel: W 4”/10cm, D 7”/17.8cm

    Weight: 4 lbs/1.8 kg

    Supports up to 330 lbs/150kg

    Package Includes:

    1 x  4D BodyFlex


    1. What’s the difference between this core trainer and other ordinary rollers?

    The difference is that this core trainer provides shoulder stability and engages the entire core.

    2. Does it come with resting pads?

    Yes, it features padded elbow rests for ultimate comfort.

    3. Will it damage my wooden floor if I use it directly on the floor, not a mat?

    No, it will not damage your wooden floor, thanks to its wide wheel with a premium rubber coating that prevents noise or damage to the floor. Suitable for all surfaces.

    4. How wide is the wheel?

    The wheel is 4"/10cm wide.

    5. Can I carry the core trainer for exercising outdoors?

    Yes, you can easily carry the core trainer for exercising outdoors.




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